The Psychology

 Everything about the inside of a casino exudes luxury and wealth. There is a reason why every casino has big, inviting doors with bellhops to greet you. There is also a reason why there aren’t folding chairs in front of the slot machines. They offer cushioned seats lined in velour and leather to encourage you to sit in front of the machines longer – placing your money into them while you are entertained.

Casinos don’t make money unless you lose money. It’s the basic principle on which casinos are built on. This is why casinos will often send a casino host over to comp a room or a dinner for you when you have won big. It’s not to congratulate you on your win – it’s to try and keep you on their property for a little longer so they can recoup some of their losses.

The casino interiors all have the same basic features:

– Slot machines

– Table games

– High roller areas

– Cashier counter

– Casino Club counter

– Bars

– Restaurants

All of these features are designed to provide you with a sense of home. You can go into each and every casino around the world and find these same basic elements. This means you will be able to travel internationally and feel at home the moment you walk in. When you feel comfortable, you are more likely to reach into your wallet and start playing – which means the casino has been able to achieve their goal.

If you look at some of the larger casino resorts, they are a hotel and casino. They offer a posh room, a high-end restaurant and various other things. This entices you to stay because you can live in the lap of luxury for a few nights. Since they have everything right there for you, there is no need to leave the property. You can eat at their restaurants, take advantage of their entertainment, and gamble in their casino.

You see it as a win-win because you don’t need to rent a car or waste gas driving around town. The casinos see it as a win because you will spend all of your money with them in one capacity or another. If you don’t give them your money at the blackjack table, you will give it to them for the hotel room, the spa or the fancy steak dinner.