The Interiors

We are a group of students who combined our love for architecture with our attraction to gambling. As we studied more and more about how the concepts of buildings and structures shaped the early centuries, we were intrigued by casinos. Overall, society takes its large structures for granted because they are common and rarely given a second glance.

We found this idea to be interesting. We are a group of individuals that are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our concept for came about after researching myths and truths regarding the business aspect of Vegas marketing. We were intrigued with the information we gathered about the psychology of designs and even more interested in how customers perceived it.

The idea that most people know that casinos are designed to entice them and lure them in still does nothing to detract a person from gambling. In fact, we’ve discovered that it may do the opposite. As people try to understand the reasoning behind design choices, they are inadvertently inspired to gamble.

What Does The Interior Say?

Does the carpet make a player lose? No. We think the odds do that. Does the layout of a casino intend to make a player lose? Yes. That’s obvious.

Exterior design is a brilliant marketing ploy that works to trick customers into believing they are somewhere else. It’s fun to imagine, and that’s what Las Vegas does — it allows grown-ups to imagine. Join us at as we explore more about the architectural design of the interior and exterior concepts of casinos. The love affair between people and casinos is as old as time.

For centuries, people have enjoyed visiting and gambling at different casinos. From an early era, Las Vegas was a hot spot for jet-setters who enjoyed the high-energy society synonymous with money. In the early times of Vegas, it was the place to be. Those who traveled to Las Vegas were considered elite and well to do financially. Today, the idea of Las Vegas is more relaxed.

We came together to highlight some of the most popular destinations in the casino industry. Our idea is to feature the architectural inspirations behind some of the best gambling spots in the world. In addition to the architecture, we also love to dive into what a customer is looking for in regard to staying, playing, and enjoying a particular casino atmosphere.